Genres: Fantasy

Summary: Mazem got a system when he retained his memory from last life when he was a top expert and at same time got the scroll which could make any person the ruler of cosmos but his sixth sense of his last life is warning him one is for his favour while other is for his demise.....lets see what“s on the road of emperor of Cosimo and how he tell the differrnce between his friends...

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Retard amnesia ,Remembering

  2. 2 super mysterious lucky space balls

  3. 3 The three wishes

  4. 4 heaven controlling monarchy technique

  5. 5 Lionel family

  6. 6 Lucky timer

  7. 7 mysterious scroll

  8. 8 refining flesh , Artificial intelligence

  9. 9 civil war, V.R“s value

  10. 10 bloodline