Genres: Fantasy

Summary: [The cover used is not my own artwork ^^]She was orginally known as the genius doctor of one of the famous hospitals in 21st century. But this “genius doctor“ title was just used to conceal her true identity as the most respected agent of a secret organization.In the middle of her team“s mission, she unexpectedly fainted and the moment she opened her eyes again....

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Bonneville Family“s Young Miss

  2. 2 Preparations

  3. 3 Assassination

  4. 4 The Day of Examination

  5. 5 It“s Not a Great Talent, It“s a Demon Level Talent!

  6. 6 Little Tyke

  7. 7 Waltridge Academy

  8. 8 Roommates