Genres: Fantasy

Summary: For Celder life was always peaceful and quiet until one day that peace was interrupted by a dungeon that appeared in the forest that was near his home.Right now all his knowledge of hunting had been set in motion while he decided to hunt the mysterious creatures that appeared from that place.Now slowly all his knowledge would be put to the test to become a ...

Table of Contents

  1. 1 The beginning of everything

  2. 2 First time in a dungeon and great luck!

  3. 3 Earnings, purchases and an online market.

  4. 4 Weapons warehouse

  5. 5 A group of hostile adventurers and a new threat to the world of adventurers?

  6. 6 Instructor Anna and her class.

  7. 7 one more day and one more descen

  8. 8 Zombies and another group of adventurers?

  9. 9 the fifth descent and an adventuress S rank?

  10. 10 a meal outdoors and a visit to the city.