Genres: Romantic

Table of Contents

  1. 1 I Thought Getting Super Powers Would Be Cool, But I Don“t Think I Want Them.

  2. 2 I Thought Being In A High School Club Would Be Cool, But It Really Isn“t...

  3. 3 I Thought an Awakening Would Be Cool, But… It Actually Was Kinda Cool, I Still Don’t Deserve The Powers Though.

  4. 4 I Thought Leaving a High School Club Would Be Easy, Guess I Was Wrong

  5. 5 I Thought Resting After a Long Day Would Be Nice, It Kind Of Isn“

  6. 6 I Thought Being Inside My Own Mind Would Be Impossible, I Was Wrong.

  7. 7 I Thought That My Personality Was Horrible, It“s True

  8. 8 I Thought That Blackmailing My Teacher And Disrupting Class Was Normal, Guess I Was Wrong

  9. 9 I Thought That I Was Going To Meet A Fellow-Minded Person, Although That Apparently Wasn“t The Case

  10. 10 Let The Hunt Commence

  11. 11 The Promise Of An Opportunity

  12. 12 Plan Power Surge; Start!

  13. 13 Plan Power Surge; Confrontation

  14. 14 Plan Power Surge; The Fall, The Rise... and The Fall...?

  15. 15 Plan Power Surge; The Surprisingly Climactic Conclusion

  16. 16 Plan Power Surge; Beginning of the beginning, End of the End

  17. 17 How Much Could Actually Happen After a Fight? Apparently More Than You Think

  18. 18 The Person Who Seems To Have It All Probably Has The Least.

  19. 19 The Never-Ending Night; Personal Crisis

  20. 20 The Never-Ending Night; A Night to Remember, Unless You Have Memory Problems

  21. 21 The Never-Ending Night; An Optimistic Attitude Does 99% Of The Work

  22. 22 The Never-Ending Night; Chase.

  23. 23 The Never-Ending Night; Icarus.

  24. 24 The Never-Ending Night; Level 1.0

  25. 25 The Never-Ending Night; Level 2.0

  26. 26 The Never-Ending Night; Level 3.0

  27. 27 The Never-Ending Night; Level 4.0

  28. 28 The Never-Ending Night; MAX level, Castle in the Sky

  29. 29 The Never-Ending Night; MAX level, To Siege A Hear

  30. 30 The Never-Ending Night; Show, Don“t Tell

  31. 31 The Never-Ending Night; Sometimes, Taking the Wrong Path Seems Like the Better Choice

  32. 32 The Never-Ending Night; The Ball to Provide Hope

  33. 33 The Never-Ending Night; The Last Smoke Bomb

  34. 34 The Never-Ending Night; Knight in Shining Armor

  35. 35 Learning Pythagoras Theorem, Is Kind Of A Pain: That I deserve

  36. 36 Plan Power Purge

  37. 37 The Final Endeavor; Oroku Hakijuu Follows His Ambitions

  38. 38 The Final Endeavor; Biharu Takeda Creates A Goal For Himself