Genres: Fantasy

Summary: A pervert man from the modern world had died, his soul was transmitted on the body of a young man named Qing Tian in the world of cultivation.Before his soul migrated to his new body, he found an old man who called himself a god and he was given five requests by the old man.After making all his requests, his soul merged with Qing Tian“s body, he opened his eyes to his new body...

Table of Contents

  1. -1 Cultivation Ranks : Azure Continen

  2. 1 Death and Five Requests

  3. 2 New Body Awakening

  4. 3 Qing Tian and Lucy

  5. 4 Bloodline

  6. 5 Abilities

  7. 6 Personal Hot Spring

  8. 7 Cultivation Technique

  9. 8 Silly Action

  10. 9 Hunting? Part 1

  11. 10 Hunting? Part 2