Genres: Fantasy

Summary: the mc is named yuuto hurimia he has studied all there is to know about hero“s and he really wanted to be one: a hero who saves all but he got summoned to another world with magic and swords he thought he was going to become a hero but when the goddess told him that he would have to take over the world as someone who was more powerful than the gods to take over the world.

Table of Contents

  1. 1 yuuto“s mission

  2. 2 The sad but amazing truth

  3. 3 not a chap but need to read for info on the world

  4. 4 the unfortunate world

  5. 5 the fight Yuuto vs kinko

  6. 6 not a chap

  7. 7 helping for a paymen

  8. 8 the story is on hold

  9. 9 the town destroyed

  10. 10 the dragon death

  11. 11 the book of Satan and the book of god

  12. 12 Combining the two books

  13. 13 should i countiue this story or give it to someone else