Genres: Fantasy

Summary: In year 2134 during the meeting of president Mutin (Russia) and president Trap (USA)huge meteor droped down on Earth. No satelites could see it coming. Just like the mirage the meteor struck the earth at one pole and just got out at another. It could be seen by the naked eye but no surviliance cam could get the picture of it. Both presidents thought it was a nucliar atack from each other so they ...

Table of Contents

  1. -1 The begining Prologue

  2. 1 The first awakening ch1

  3. 2 Ripples Ch2

  4. 3 The Rebellious Branch ch3

  5. 4 The Trial ch4

  6. 5 The Merry Winter Evening Ch5

  7. 6 Planting the seeds ch6