Genres: Fantasy

Summary: Shun was a boy who was never able to fight for the ones he loved and instead his loved ones were the ones who fought for him. He hated that, and wanted to get stronger. Shun runs away from his home to get stronger, leaving everyone behind. After 5 years, he returns to his home, this time stronger and more experienced at many things. Though Shun wanted to live a normal life now, he is instead met ...

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Prologue:

  2. 2 His Return

  3. 3 Blackmailing The Principal

  4. 4 The Promise

  5. 5 Going Back To School

  6. 6 Friends Again

  7. 7 Siblings Laughter

  8. 8 Old Enemies Reunited

  9. 9 Payback

  10. 10 It“s Not What You Think

  11. 11 Making A New Friend