Genres: Fantasy

Summary: Committing suicide on Earth, Amon regains his previous“s life“s memories at the age of eight in a world of Magic.Sold for 140 coppers at twelve, Amon starts walking towards his dreams, discovering his origins bit by bit, becoming someone from an orphan.Follow Amon as he rises from the masses with the “nothing“ that he has. --------------------------#Fantasy #Mag...

Table of Contents

  1. 19 Effects Of The First Dance

  2. 20 Punishmen

  3. 21 Preparing For The Duel

  4. 22 Civilize The Mind And Savage The Body

  5. 23 Visible Effects Of The Honey

  6. 24 Breaking Through

  7. 25 Scorchmourne

  8. 26 Frenzy Fighting

  9. 27 Mysterious Glass Like Rock

  10. 28 Blood Racing Peaches

  11. 29 Incident During Training

  12. 30 Meeting The Sect Leader

  13. 31 So You Were In An Orphanage Once...