Genres: Fantasy

Summary: Description After forming ties with Tang Zichen of the secret Tang sect, Wang Chao began to rely on his exceedingly unusual determination to slowly walk towards the peak of martial arts. Fighting masters of every form of martial arts, joining and betraying the mysterious organization, and even joining every faction of power! Associated Names Longshe Yanyi 龙蛇演义

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Crouch up and down like a galloping horse, ascend into the sky and free the body and soul

  2. Chapter 2: Turn the body to strike the crotch, use the elbow to stab out like a spear.

  3. Chapter 3: With a dragon like vertebrae, focus the center of gravity and spike the hair

  4. Chapter 4: Transforming Jin to fight people as easily as drawing a picture and strengthen the marrow to fear no gun

  5. Chapter 5: A change in the temples

  6. Chapter 6: The way of the Guoshu Fighting Style! One strike and the law has been broken!

  7. Chapter 7: The robber is the victim

  8. Chapter 8: The difference to a master

  9. Chapter 9: Tang Zichen’s needle

  10. Chapter 10: The profoundness of Taichi’s art of pushing hands

  11. Chapter 11: A difficult movement of the leg

  12. Chapter 12: Finding strength through passion

  13. Chapter 13: A rapid growth

  14. Chapter 14: Assault of Dragon and Snake

  15. Chapter 15: Let us paddle this boat together!!!!!

  16. Chapter 16: Kidnapping for money in the middle of revenge (First)

  17. Chapter 17: Kidnapping for money in the middle of revenge (Second)

  18. Chapter 18: Kidnapping for money in the middle of revenge (Third)

  19. Chapter 19: Officer Cao, the one who commits murder and then arson

  20. Chapter 20: Tang Zichen’s autobiography in the book

  21. Chapter 21: Job introduction

  22. Chapter 22: Which earns more money, instructing or killing?

  23. Chapter 23: The beginning of the art of offense and defense

  24. Chapter 24: Hitting someone until they cry

  25. Chapter 25: The most classical way of fighting

  26. Chapter 26: Principles of Chinese boxing being applicable to the way one talks

  27. Chapter 27: Mastering the Jin perfectly

  28. Chapter 28: A shoulder to carry the crotch with the air of a master

  29. Chapter 29: The trail of clues left behind by Zhang Tong

  30. Chapter 30: Even the strong fear those who disregard their own lives

  31. Chapter 31: Using people to test one’s Taichi and Jin

  32. Chapter 32: The group of experts by the coast

  33. Chapter 33: A mutual understanding

  34. Chapter 34: Beginning to build up one’s power

  35. Chapter 35: Taking part in a dangerous operation (First)

  36. Chapter 36: Taking part in a dangerous operation (Second)

  37. Chapter 37: Crane styled Wingchun, Euros and guns

  38. Chapter 38: Steeling the heart

  39. Chapter 39: Overnight…

  40. Chapter 40: Might of the Government, Transforming Jin and Presence

  41. Chapter 41: Awareness of being a shield

  42. Chapter 42: Group of axe specialists

  43. Chapter 43: Using bamboo as a spear in a bloody battle in the alleys (First)

  44. Chapter 44: Using bamboo as a spear in a bloody battle in the alleys (Second)

  45. Chapter 45: The evil consequence of a frog wishing to eat the meat of a swan

  46. Chapter 46: Sword Style of the Central Guoshu Institute

  47. Chapter 47: Disciples of the Bagua Sect

  48. Chapter 48: The muscles must loosen, the pores must attack

  49. Chapter 49: Listen to the weak points and don’t look at the person

  50. Chapter 50: Sharing your passion

  51. Chapter 51: A mind like a newborn, a willpower like iron (First)

  52. Chapter 52: A mind like a newborn, a willpower like iron (Second)

  53. Chapter 53: A mind like a newborn, a willpower like iron (Third)

  54. Chapter 54: When close at hands, a man is scarier than a country

  55. Chapter 55: The forced gamble

  56. Chapter 56: The candidate for the leader of the Wulin

  57. Chapter 57: A chance of being crippled or killed

  58. Chapter 58: Chopping Jin of the tiger stance

  59. Chapter 59: Secret preparation

  60. Chapter 60: On the verge of entering the Southeastern Asia martial arts world

  61. Chapter 61: A feather cannot be added; nor can a fly alight

  62. Chapter 62: With an organization, what is there to fear?

  63. Chapter 63: One battle to make oneself known (First)

  64. Chapter 64: One battle to make oneself known (Second)

  65. Chapter 65: Why should a party member fear organized crime?

  66. Chapter 66: The threat of firepower

  67. Chapter 67: Wang Chao’s Determination

  68. Chapter 68: Reaching the stage where “sound follows the fist”

  69. Chapter 69: The shock of the princelings

  70. Chapter 70: Wang Chao has been mistaken for as a spy

  71. Chapter 71: The grand competition on the straits (First)

  72. Chapter 72: The grand competition on the straits (Second)

  73. Chapter 73: Into the Ocean!

  74. Chapter 74: The battle had only just begun

  75. Chapter 75: Chen Aiyang’s skill

  76. Chapter 76: Fishing Toad Jin and Rash Bull Jin

  77. Chapter 77: Six doors to good practices

  78. Chapter 78: From tiger to eagle and snake to dragon

  79. Chapter 79: Forge by day, learn by night to cultivate

  80. Chapter 80: Eagle Claw, Hidden Jin, Piss Blood

  81. Chapter 81: Lieutenant Commander

  82. Chapter 82: Be the Wu Qingyuan of the Martial Arts World!

  83. Chapter 83: Dai Jun of the Three Tigers of Guangdong

  84. Chapter 84: Martial Arts Improving by Leaps and Bounds

  85. Chapter 85: Headbutting the Face

  86. Chapter 86: Attack From All Sides!

  87. Chapter 87: Acupoint Hitting Hidden Jin

  88. Chapter 88: Seeing Zhu Jia Once Again

  89. Chapter 89: Tang Zichen VS Chen Aiyang (First)

  90. Chapter 90: Tang Zichen Versus Chen Aiyang (Two)

  91. Chapter 91: Tang Zichen Versus Chen Aiyang (Three)

  92. Chapter 92: Loosening the Muscles, Attacking With the Pores, And Having an Empty Intent

  93. Chapter 93: The Organization Wants You to Kill Him!

  94. Chapter 94: Throttle the Talented Youth (First)

  95. Chapter 95: Throttle the Talented Youth (Second)

  96. Chapter 96: Complete Enemies

  97. Chapter 97: Balance Between Death and Performance

  98. Chapter 98: The Sounds of Thunder Permeating the Inner Organs

  99. Chapter 99: The Wulin of the People

  100. Chapter 100: You Lack Actual Combat Experience!

  101. Chapter 101: Breathing to Refine Qi and the Fist

  102. Chapter 102: Continuing Grievances

  103. Chapter 103: Kindness is Hard to Prove

  104. Chapter 104: Getting Close Now, A Gun’s no Use!

  105. Chapter 105: Her Surname is Tang

  106. Chapter 106: Flying Horse Treading on Sparrow, A Combination of Techniques!

  107. Chapter 107: Not Fighting Would Be For The Best

  108. Chapter 108: Turbulent Times (First)

  109. Chapter 109: Turbulent Times (Second)

  110. Chapter 110: A Man Fierce in Baguazhang!

  111. Chapter 111: The Fist of Wang Chao That Has Become One With the Universe

  112. Chapter 112: Rising Wave of the Dragon and Snake

  113. Chapter 113: Being Ordinary is to be Innocent, but Being Talented in Martial Arts is to be Guilty

  114. Chapter 114: Just Blow Them Up

  115. Chapter 115: The Marksmanship of the Cheng School of Baguazhang

  116. Chapter 116: The Essence Must Remain Within the Homelands

  117. Chapter 117: Underwater Martial Arts

  118. Chapter 118: The Four Year Old Score Between Tang Zichen and Wang Chao

  119. Chapter 119: Inner Sight!

  120. Chapter 120: When Fighting, First Strike At Their Courage!

  121. Chapter 121: The Banquet Before the Shaolin Temple Enters the Stock Market

  122. Chapter 122: A Trap (One)

  123. Chapter 123: A Trap (Two)

  124. Chapter 124: Inner Pound, Force Punch, and Yoga

  125. Chapter 125: The First Confrontation Between Guoshu and Gun (One)

  126. Chapter 126: The First Confrontation Between Guoshu and Gun (Second)

  127. Chapter 127: Do You Wish For Me To Make the Move, or WIll You Do It Yourself?

  128. Chapter 128: Captured for Interrogation

  129. Chapter 129: Dealing With the Warrior Monks

  130. Chapter 130: National Arhat!

  131. Chapter 131: Even With a Gun, You Won’t Be Able to Die!

  132. Chapter 132: Inquiring of Sis Chen’s Secret

  133. Chapter 133: A Fight Between Males (One)

  134. Chapter 134: A Fight Between Males (Two)

  135. Chapter 135: A Crushing Defeat!

  136. Chapter 136: Taking a Stroll After Killing Someone

  137. Chapter 137: The Kingly Aura of Being Rich

  138. Chapter 138: Feeling the Internal Martial Arts When Urinating and Defecating

  139. Chapter 139: Inheritor

  140. Chapter 140: The Countermeasure of the Shaolin

  141. Chapter 141: The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (One)

  142. Chapter 142: The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Second)

  143. Chapter 143: The Capital! A Hundred Years ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Third)

  144. Chapter 144: The Capital! A Hundred Years ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Four)

  145. Chapter 145: The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Fifth)

  146. Chapter 146: The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Sixth)

  147. Chapter 147: The Capital! A Hundred Years Ago, Yang the Invincible! A Hundred Years Later, Wang the Undefeated! (Seventh)

  148. Chapter 148: Stepping into Transforming Jin!

  149. Chapter 149: Iron Fist Hwarang (First)

  150. Chapter 150: Iron Fist Hwarang

  151. Chapter 151: Iron Fist Hwarang (Third)

  152. Chapter 152: Grandmaster

  153. Chapter 153: Grandmaster

  154. Chapter 154: It’s Hard to Remain At the Top

  155. Chapter 155: Don’t Destroy the Bowl One Makes A Living From

  156. Chapter 156: Muay Thai, Yoga, and a Ninth Dan (First)

  157. Chapter 157: Muay Thai, Yoga, and a Ninth Dan (Second)

  158. Chapter 158: Standing Still Without Moving to Dodge A Bullet

  159. Chapter 159: When a Tortoise Hears Thunder, a Turtle Exposes its Back

  160. Chapter 160: Iron High Knee

  161. Chapter 161: Dragon’s Iron Elbow, Liu Yi

  162. Chapter 162: The Marches of Liangshan

  163. Chapter 163: The Most Influential Competition Yet (One)

  164. Chapter 164: Inspiration Like a Rainbow!

  165. Chapter 165: Senior Figure of the Hongmen Society

  166. Chapter 166: The Times of Youth Are the Most Urgent Times

  167. Chapter 167: Under Sniper Fire!

  168. Chapter 168: The Bottleneck of the Most Sincere Way

  169. Chapter 169: Being a Military Instructor (One)

  170. Chapter 170: Being a Military Instructor (Two)

  171. Chapter 171: Quick Hammer of Baguazhang

  172. Chapter 172: Turn the Hand to Cover the Fist and Intertwine Yin and Yang to Let it Fly

  173. Chapter 173: The Abnormality of Having Strong Martial Arts Despite Having Many Girlfriends

  174. Chapter 174: Even Disciples Have Killing Intent

  175. Chapter 175: The Young Boss of a Criminal Syndicate

  176. Chapter 176: Hidden Jin of the Iron Finger

  177. Chapter 177: Tantui and the Shaking Fist

  178. Chapter 178: The Great Sage Stance and the Exemplary Celebration of a Criminal Ringleader

  179. Chapter 179: A Man’s Name and a Tree’s Shadow

  180. Chapter 180: Taekwondo and the Meteor Hammer

  181. Chapter 181: The Younger Jianghu and the Older Jianghu (First)

  182. Chapter 182: Younger Jianghu and Older Jianghu (Second)

  183. Chapter 183: If There is a Student, There is a Teacher!

  184. Chapter 184: An Exchange of Three Nations

  185. Chapter 185: The Dragon Within the Shaolin (One)

  186. Chapter 186: The Dragon Within the Shaolin (Two)

  187. Chapter 187: Life Saving Weapon

  188. Chapter 188: Golden Elixir or Calculus

  189. Chapter 189: Lion’s Roar

  190. Chapter 190: Would You Be Able to Share Tang Zichen’s Loneliness?