Genres: Fantasy

Summary: Description Dragon 5th is a powerful lord with incredible martial arts, and yet is wasting away from a fatal disease. The only medicine which can cure his sickness lies in the clutches of his venemous ex-wife, Madam Lovesickness, and is guarded by 7 dangerous killers, fugitives of the martial world. To retrieve the antidote, Dragon 5th hires Liu Changjie, a skilled martial ...

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 – A Meeting of Legends

  2. Chapter 2 – Injury of the self-inflicted nature

  3. Chapter 3 – Yue’er shining on Changjie

  4. Chapter 4 – Inhuman people

  5. Chapter 5 – Lovesickness will make you grow old

  6. Chapter 6 – A dragon amongst men

  7. Chapter 7 – Capturing the dragon empty handed

  8. Chapter 8 – Heaven’s net is wide meshed, nothing escapes it