Genres: Fantasy

Summary: While business was stabilizing at Tockerbrot Bakery, its owner, Lud Langart, received a surprising invitation. A party was to be held on a large airship for the purpose of building a friendship between Wiltia and Pelfe. Sven persuaded the reluctant Lud to accept the invitation to bake for the party in order to increase his bakery’s popularity. However, political speculation and conspiracy mean da...

Table of Contents

  1. 2 Introduction

  2. 3 An Invitation Party in the Sky

  3. 4 Military Town Reunion

  4. 5 The Little Stowaway

  5. 6 The Festivities Begin

  6. 7 The Coward“s Fate

  7. 8 Sophia Von Runstadt“s Pride

  8. 9 The End Bomb

  9. 10 Epilogue

  10. 11 Afterword

  11. 12 Extra: The Multitudes of the World, According to Rebecca Sharlahar

  12. 13 Credits