Genres: Fantasy

Summary: Attending the Irynblood Magic Academy,Drake strives to learn magic to prove everyone He is going to be the greatest Mage the world of Gaius has ever had.Sadly,After taking the aptitude test He was told that he has no Elemental affinity which was very important for the path of the mage.Due to this,He was underestimated and bullied.One day while trying to summon a spirit partner,A gi...

Table of Contents

  1. 1 A Bad Dream

  2. 2 The World of Gaius A brief Geography and History of the Story World

  3. 3 Discrimination

  4. 4 A Blue Haired Girl?!!!

  5. 5 Layout of the Irynblood Magic Academy

  6. 6 Lily

  7. 7 A Prophecy

  8. 8 A “Hot“ Afternoon

  9. 9 “The Body Strengthening Spell“