Genres: Fantasy

Summary: The story is set in New York, it explores two realms: the Human Realm and the Magical Realm where our heroes Aura and Morgan are from.Aura is a sorceress who finds herself involved in the salvation of her realm but in order to do that she needs to kill her foe the Shadow Lord, and so enter Morgan the shapeshifter guardian that is sent to protect and help her in her mission. This is a st...

Table of Contents

  1. 1 Chapter 1 - Oh hell to the no!

  2. 2 Chapter 2: Fate?

  3. 3 Chapter 3: Kiss and tell...

  4. 4 Chapter 4: Not meant to be?!

  5. 5 Chapter 5: From light the King will be born

  6. 6 Chapter 6: Does he love me? Does she love me?

  7. 7 Epilogue: This is just the beggining...