Genres: Fantasy

Summary: The story of Benjamin, a child who was born blind, with crippled profound veins and Li Ran,a boy who has a mysterious yet powerful past. The two boys who were rejected by fate, have now entered the Infinity Hells, the most dangerous place in all of existence, home to unknown and untold dangers. Follow their journey of vengence and redemption, as they traverse each level of the Infinity Hells, aga...

Table of Contents

  1. -2 Beginning of the work of fate

  2. -1 Notice need ideas

  3. 1 Cause of injuries and hunted

  4. 2 Tribulation approaches

  5. 3 Preparation for tribulation

  6. 4 **Some world and cultivation details**

  7. 5 *Title Hidden*

  8. 6 Notice about updation

  9. 7 slightly bad news

  10. 6 .....was here!

  11. 7 The world isn“t fair, kid!

  12. 8 Journey To Vineyard City and teaching Hawk how to cultivate.

  13. 9 Hawk meets his uncle, and Gone in a blink

  14. 10 Blood, Despair and Roar

  15. 11 Arrival of..

  16. 12 Su Yan“s Seven Years

  17. 13 Found Him..

  18. 14 *so far, thank you*